Indoor and Outdoor Daycare

At Lodge Your Paws we believe in providing a dog daycare for your fur-family that is not only fun, but also safe.

Our daycare areas are limited to 15 dogs per pack leader to maintain a fun, interactive and safe environment for your loved dogs.

Benefits of Daycare

Dog Daycare benefits both the dog and you the owner, the benefit for the owner is that while your doing human stuff your fur family is having a great time doing dog stuff. No more guilt when you pick up your keys to go to work and have to watch their excitement turn to disappointment as you walk out the door. Dog Daycare benefits the dog because instead of sitting at home alone waiting for you, they are playing, being socialized, and having a great time with other dogs and after a fun day of playing you get to pick up a calm and relaxed pet.  Upon arrival the pet will be evaluated to make sure they enjoy group play and to see what type of dogs they enjoy playing with to ensure they have the safest fun while staying with us.

Social skills will increase and dogs will learn how to play and interact with other dogs in a safe, fun, and meaningful way. Boredom behaviors caused by lack of activity, and inadequate mental and physical stimulation are virtually eliminated. Additionally at the end of the day you will have a pup that is happy, relaxed and tired from playing all day. No more coming home from work tired, wanting nothing more than to just sit down and relax, yet you can’t because your dog is full of energy and rearing to go from sitting around sleeping all day.

Pricing for daycare: 

$2.50 per hour, minimum four hours

Packages that can be purchased:

50 Daycare Hours: $120.00    ($2.40 per hour)
100 Daycare Hours: $230.00  ($2.30 per hour)
200 Daycare Hours: $440.00  ($2.20 per hour)

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